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Security. Liberty. Prosperity.

What is a Free Private City?


A private company offers you the basic services of a state, the protection of life, liberty and property, in a defined territory within a host nation.

You Pay…

A certain amount for those services per year. Your respective rights and obligations are laid down in a written agreement between you and the provider. Apart from that, you are free to do as you choose.


You are a contracting party on an equal footing with a secured legal position, instead of being subject to the ever changing whims of politics. And what is more, you only become a part of it if you accept the offer.


Why the world needs Free Private Cities

Societies all over the world experience economic stagnation, loss of trust and social unrest. It seems the old ways of governance are reaching their limits, even in western democracies. Free Private Cities can help solve the societal ills that currently plague so many countries.


Free Private Cities are ideal for…

What we offer

  • Structuring


    Free Private Cities Inc is offering interested parties and governments help in structuring Free Private Cities or Special Zones which go beyond traditional Special Economic Zones.

  • Operating


    Free Private Cities Inc is prepared to operate a Free Private City or Special Zone based on a contract with the host nation.

  • Migrant Cities

    Migrant Cities

    Free Private Cities Inc is also prepared to structure and operate Migrant Cities as a solution to the migration crisis.

Investing in a disruptive technology

More and more people and businesses are suffering from less security, less freedom and ever changing rules. Giving them a safe, free, affordable and predictable new home based on a real, enforceable contract could become a game changer. Establishing Free Private Cities in formerly uninhabited or unattractive locations will not only vastly increase in the value of the land, but also in the value of the operating entity and the local businesses. Cherry on the cake: if the concept is successful once, it could be applied all over the world.

With the right framework, astonishing prosperity is possible. The independent city of Singapore overtook the world’s GDP per capita in less than 30 years, and that of the USA in less than 50 years.

Investing in a disruptive technology can be very profitable. Besides investment opportunities in local real estate and businesses, there is the opportunity to invest in the operating entity of a Free Private City, especially since it can be subject to a later IPO. Several projects are already in the making. Interested parties should contact us directly.