The new book on Free Private Cities by Titus Gebel presents the theoretical foundations, looks at examples from the past and present and gives practical hints on how to build a Free Private City in the real world. It is a must for all who want to get involved in this new market or are generally interested in the concept of free private cities and alternatives to traditional political systems. The book is available in a high-quality paperback edition as well as an e-book which can be ordered on Amazon or Apple Books


Imagine a private company offers you as a “state service provider” protection of life, freedom and property in a defined area. This service includes security and rescue services, a legal and regulatory framework and independent dispute resolution. You pay a contractually fixed amount per year for these services.

 ​ The state service provider as the operator of the community cannot unilaterally change the contract later. You have a legal right of compliance and a claim for damages in the event of poor performance. You take care of everything else yourself, but you can also do whatever you want, as long as you do not infringe the rights of others. And you only take part if and as long as you like the offer. Disputes between you and the state service provider will be dealt with by independent arbitration tribunals, as is customary in international commercial law.

If the operator ignores the arbitral awards or abuses his power in another way, his customers migrate and he goes bankrupt. The first part of the book deals with fundamental questions that every social order has to face. The concept of Free Private Cities described in the second part is derived from this; historical and current models are also considered. The third part discusses concrete implementation issues in the establishment of Free Private Cities. Finally, the fourth part gives an outlook on future developments.

 About the author 

Titus Gebel is an entrepreneur and PhD in law. He founded among others Deutsche Rohstoff AG. After more than 30 years of political activity, he came to the conclusion that freedom in the sense of voluntariness and self-determination could not be achieved in conventional systems.

​ His solution: To create a completely new product on the “market of living together” with Free Private Cities, which will have a radiating effect if successful. Together with partners, he is currently working on creating the world’s first free private city.

Free Private Cities is available as a paperback and as an e-book on Amazon and Apple Books. If you are interested in a larger number of books, please contact the AQUILA URBIS Publisher directly, so that we can make you an individual offer. E-Mail: