Free Private Cities Inc is offering interested parties and governments help in structuring Free Private Cities or Special Zones which go beyond traditional Special Economic Zones. Getting the legal design right is crucial for success. We have the capacity to implement proven systems based on common law as well as civil law. Besides the complete regulatory framework, we offer concepts for security, social issues, education and protection of the environment.



Free Private Cities Inc is prepared to operate the Free Private City or Special Zone based on a contract with the host nation. We are operating with our own personnel and/or sub-contractors, including but not limited to security, firefighters, judges, business development and other administration.

Migrant Cities

Free Private Cities Inc is also prepared for the structuring and operating of Migrant Cities as a solution to the migration crisis. Migrant Cities are secular Free Private Cities for refugees and migrants which provide a reliable legal framework on site, the possibility of easily acquiring property without corruption, and the ability to import and export goods and found companies with little to no red tape. Migrant Cities thereby provide the institutional framework for economic development that is often lacking in the developing world. They also attract companies from the neighborhood and even from all over the world, who are interested in stable conditions and new markets, but have so far avoided the questionable areas due to political risks.